Shelley Gilbert directs the studio and teaches both
yoga and pilates. Her training started in 1989 at
Sichel Chiropractic & Pilates (now Power Pilates)
where she earned her Pilates certification in 1999.
After instructing at Power Pilates, Shelley started
teaching in Cold Spring in 2001, expanding her
studio to its current location in 2004. After practicing
several yoga styles, primarily Iyengar Yoga, she was
certified in 2008 at Satya Yoga in Rhinebeck, NY.

Shelley's teaching style reflects her years of training in Modern Dance, mixing alignment
and flow with the lasting goal of movement with intelligence, strength and grace.

Kacie's Bio
Kacie Chang teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga/pilates tower classes. She received her yoga
certification from BabyOm in 2004 and has taught at NYU's Coles Gym, Artcetera, Urban Monster,
Dancing Dialogue, Yoga Mandali and the Shala Yoga House. Her classes draw on her history as a
professional dancer and her personal experience of the therapeutic benefits of yoga during
pregnancy and postpartum. • The Cottage • 1135 Route 9D • Garrison, NY 10524 • 845.237.2826