My experience learning and doing Pilates has been one of ecstasy. During the
past year I have had the pleasure of two days every week of entering a world
of movement and flow, a careful, graded ever-advancing physical challenge and
development. It feels like a dance--done over and over again with new steps
and variations. I believe that my skeletal and muscular frames are becoming
more flexible, stronger and better balanced. I feel that my stamina is enhanced
and I am walking more lightly on the ground. Pilates feels safe, tailored to my
individual physical issues and relaxing. I believe it is a vital element of enhancing
and maintaining health. – Cynthia Ligenza, MD

Shelley Gilbert is an extraordinary teacher, the best I have found. Not only is she a master of the endless
permutations of Pilates, she has an uncanny ability to sense what each student needs at any given
moment. She knows when to go slow and when to push. I have been going to All Bodies for the past
two years and I feel so much better than when I started—stronger, healthier and more resilient. I highly
recommend Shelley and All Bodies Yoga Pilates, especially for men who are looking to have more energy,
strength and stamina. – David Rome, Senior Fellow, the Garrison Institute


I started Pilates because I thought it would be good for me. Then I was hit by
a car while walking my dog, then my Pilates became absolutely necessary to my
recovery. I credit Shelley’s Pilates program for my 120% recovery from my knee injury.
– Meg Staley, designer

Shelley’s classes are a tonic for my soul, and I love the way my body feels when I
move for several days thereafter. There is a level of relaxation, alignment, strength
and flexibility that I get from Pilates that no other exercise gives me.
– Sara Tschinkel, LCSW, psychotherapist


My first memories of pilates were sitting in Shelley's studio as a small child, with my mom, wanting to
do the things that everyone else in the studio were doing. Then as I got a little older, I wanted to take a
class with peers of mine. I got together a group of friends and Shelley started the first kid's class at her
studio. I cherish pilates because it has kept my body healthy and it gave me awareness for my body. I
am very grateful for getting involved at a young age, and being involved now, as a thirteen year old girl.
I think every child should be exposed to pilates because it helps you not only your body but your mind
as well. – Isabel

When I started Pilates six years ago I was somewhat fit because I have exercised and played sports all
my life. However, Pilates has changed my life and my body in a way that is so much more positive and
profound. I now feel stronger than ever, even at 50 years old. I am much more aware of my muscles
and what they can do - I can see muscle definition where I couldn't before. There are times when I
feel tightness in my lower back and I can work out the stiffness on my own through my Pilates routine.
I feel younger and more fit than ever. Most of all, my posture has improved tremendously. – Liz Wisler • The Cottage • 1135 Route 9D • Garrison, NY 10524 • 845.237.2826