Pilates is a mind-body form of exercise developed
by Joseph Pilates. From creating strengthening
regimes for WW1 internees in England to working
with dancers in America, his work evolved over
the decades as a form of physical rehabilitation
and exercise alternative. The result is a varied and
dynamic exercise system that promotes strengthening
& stretching from a strong and balanced center.

The machines Joseph Pilates designed allow people of all fitness levels to
practice Pilates. Designed with a unique system of springs, ropes, and moving
carriage beds, the machines are inherently flexible and help us safely achieve
more difficult and complex movements. They can be adjusted to suit each
student’s specific fitness needs: the machines allow all body types and levels
of fitness to safely exercise and rehabilitate injured or weak muscles.

Today the Pilates exercise system is still used for physical rehabilitation, but is
most popular for its ability to promote fitness.

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